Winter Safari in South Africa

June, July, August – mid winter in South Africa means cold frosty mornings but a rush for the sun as it rises with animals looking to find warmth in the morning rays.

Monkeys are usually the first up heralding in the day with their calls through the tree tops. Large crocodile sightings are especially good in the mornings as these large animals move around to get the best spot to bask in.

A dry winter means wild grass lands are not as thick as wetter months meaning sightings of smaller spotted cat, the serval and African civet.

These sorts of sightings are extremely rare, with thicker scrub and bush it is almost impossible to see these amazing animals.

Watch these great video’s of two wonderful sightings : one of a serval at Mala Mala Game Reserve and a civet, shot on the Ingwelala Private Shareblock Reserve by Youtube user MrAljordan21

Lion Tales from Savanna Private Game Reserve

” The Ximungwe pride have also provided us with many great sightings, as they have spent most of the past two weeks camped on Savanna property to avoid the Selati males. On one occasion they had just finished a young buffalo kill and went in search of water, only to find that the rest of the buffalo herd was lingering around the waterhole.

The lions approached cautiously, but were spotted by the herd that then rallied together and drove them off, except for the young female cub that boldly stood her ground and actually chased the herd. The herd then realised that it was only the cub and they in turn gave chase “

Watch the video below ! Check out more videos from Savanna Private Game Reserve on their Youtube Channel

Leopard sighting has also been excellent – the lack of thick grass means sightings of cats moving about is a bit more common.

Check out some of the great safari pics from Savanna Private Game Reserve | All Photographs here have been taken by Savanna Lodge guides and rangers Paddy Hagelthorn, Neil Whyte, David Wilson and Greg Coates – the links take you to their private blogs – check them out !

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Check out this great footage of a small aircraft flight to visit Wilderness Safari’s Abu Camp in the Okavango Delta – filmed by Jon and Matt from our team on their recent trip to Botswana

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