Tinga Game Lodge – Rare Pangolin and a juvenile Martial Eagle sighting

Tinga Game Lodge has had some great sightings recently with pics from their Facebook page to prove it !


Pangolin are so rare when you tell the guides back at the lodge “we saw a pangolin” you will always here there words ” I have been guiding 30 years and only ever seen a pangolin ( insert : once, twice, thrice )”

Having an idea of how rare it is to see one – to view a pangolin displaying its amazing defense features while warding off a pride of 8 young lion is very special !

A happy ending : The pangolin escaped in the end seemingly unharmed ! Check out these great pics from Tinga Lodge Ranger David

Tinga Game Lodge | Assistant Head Guide David Parker: Out on drive this weekend I had the most amazing sighting of a pride of 8 young lions playing with this Pangolin (Scaly Ant Eater). In my Six years of being in the bush, this is only the second Pangolin I have seen, both being here at Tinga. When threatened, the Pangolin will roll up into a small tight ball, protecting its self by ensuring all its soft under parts and legs are hidden, and the harder scales are facing out. These scales are very hardy and actually sharp. If you look closely at the Lions claw you will see a little blood. Luckily, the lions lost interest and left it alone. What a privilege it is to have seen this!

If you look up occasionally while on safari ( peeling your eyes away from predators in the bush can be hard for some – we know ) you may get a glimpse of a Martial Eagle. With a wing span of up to 2.6 meters this sub saharan eagle has the ability to roam up 1000 square km’s in search of prey. Here David captures shots of a handsome juvenile.

Considered one of the worlds most powerful predators, the Marital Eagle is known to eat many of Africas dangerous snakes including the black mamba, and African Rock Python. depending on the area Martial Eagle are known to eat small spotted cats like carcal and have been known to hunt duiker, up to 35 kg’s.

Tinga Game Lodge | Assistant Head Ranger David Parker: Amazing to note the sheer size of this Juvenile Martial Eagle. As it flew off the branch and almost entire tree was shacking. With the average wing span being just over 2 meters and with prey as large as small antelope often taken, it’s hard not to be impressed by this amazing bird!


Watch this video of a Martial Eagle feeding on a Serval | WARNING : GRAPHIC FOOTAGE

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