Teenage Leopard attacks python in the Kruger Park

Check out this great video of a teenage leopard attacking a python in the Kruger Park near Skukuza. Filmed by the Campbell-Harris family, supplied by Animatedcams

The site of a snake in the Kruger albeit a large one isn’t that unusual. Watch as this scene turns into a very rare sighting as a teenage leopard appears and attacks what would easily be a 3 meter long python in an opportunistic kill attempt.

Although a young animal, the leopards natural predatory instincts are clear for all to see in his approach to the situation and mostly in his powerful body language. After an initial swipe with his powerful claw, he heads back around to face the retreating snake head on. Quick as lightning he feints left, dodging a strike to grab the snake between its powerful jaws.

After a six minute fight ( not featured in the shorter video ) the snake manages to wriggle free of the leopard and take to the water in an attempt to escape !

On returning to the scene 3 hours later, the Campbell-Harris family witnessed the leopard feeding in a tree. They reported the leopard dropping some of its prey to the ground however it was unclear if it was in fact the python !

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