Shark Diving and Ziplining at 100 mph – Only in South Africa

While we love safari and most of our posts are in some way related to safari and game drives, there is of course hundreds of other awesome things to do in South Africa !

Two great video’s that we love which we found recently are of Maura and David’s trip to South Africa on their Vimeo channel Shiffy Studios. Maura and David fly down what is purported to be the Worlds Fastest and Longest Zipline in Sun City, and they dive with the sharks in Gansbaai, 2 hours or so drive east from Cape Town.

The zipline experience at Sun City, Zip2000 , is a 2000 meter long descent with a drop of 280 meters ! Check out their video below !

Shark diving is not something I have done – I don’t know if i will – but this video doesn’t seem to bad right ?

This particular experience is operated ex Gansbaai, an area well known for whale watching and Great White sharks. The main tourist attraction for the area, shark diving is considered the second most popular animal attraction in South Africa after a visit to Kruger National Park by visitor numbers.

Shark diving tours are available as a day tour from Cape Town, with operators running the transport to and from Gansbaai.

After watching these two videos – would you go shark diving ? Or the zipline which reaches speeds of up to 100 miles per hour ?

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