Safari in the Masai Mara Video Post

A visit to the the Masai Mara is a once in a lifetime journey through a landscape of big sky, wild animals and rugged wilderness.

This great video from Marc Ambuehl takes you on a journey across the Mara and shows you some wonderful animal sightings and what to expect on a visit to this special part of the world.

As you can see from the early leopard sighting, the Mara is an open National Park. There are no rules as such, and you are as likely to run into professional cinematographers as you are holiday makers with iPhone’s.

A leopard is a rare sighting in the Mara, and contrary to what you might have expected, there are no huge herd of wildebeest or zebra “migrating” like you see in August and September. There is still always danger when crossing rivers in the Mara, and as you can see there is no lack of crocodiles or hippo.

Marc and partner get up close and personal with a pride of lion with some young early on in the video. They enjoy a cheetah sighting and come away with some excellent footage, as well as a walk by from a stunning dark maned male lion.

The ultimate way to see the Mara : Hot Air Balloon

Getting up early is always normal on safari but getting up early to hot air balloon across the Mara is something else. The sunrise is spectacular and the view from up high unsurpassed.Witnessing and feeling the bush coming to life for another day on this harsh continent is something everyone needs to experience.


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