Kruger Floods produce rare game viewing opportunities

The 18th of January saw a massive 380mm of rain dropped on the Kruger, Limpopo region of South Africa.

Rivers burst their banks, the Sand River reached its highest ever recorded level, higher than that of the 2000 floods and many lodges sustained damage, some quite extensively !

For a detailed list of damages to roads and infrastructure : click here – 2012 Kruger Floods

The course of the Sand River has changed dramatically, dislodging sand banks and creating new ones in different places, all the while uprooting large numbers of trees from the banks of the river.

A few days after the deluge finished and rivers subsided, game viewing started to return to normal. With such high levels of water in the ground and in the atmosphere, a whole host of insect activity is taking place, meaning Golden Orb spiders are frantically building webs to catch insects, and raptors like Wahlberg’s eagles are gorging themselves on increased termite activity. Bird viewing at the moment is fantastic !

A huge thanks to Savanna Private Game Reserve for the images from their blog

Full dams and waterholes means large mammals are enjoying the mud and water and make for great viewing.

Want to know what the viewing is like after such a massive amount of rain and intense flooding ?

Will guests on safari visiting the Kruger see animals ?

Check out this great amateur video from youtube user Jssiler – taken during a safari to the Kruger on the 17th of January – smack bang in the the raining, wet and windy weather !

Watch Rob the Ranger from Idube Lodge take guests through the first Sand River crossing after the floods !

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