Elephants of the Kruger National Park | Video post

This great amateur video from MegaSharkdiver is great short video of a great sighting and interaction with a herd of wild elephant in the Kruger National Park.

From MegaSharkdivers youtube channel “While in Kruger National Park, SA, we had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with this herd of elephants. Just my mom, myself, and our guide. It was incredible to spend that much time with these guys!”

There are a lot of elephants in the this herd – and a lot of posturing, teaching and play going on at the same time.

If you watch the key players in the video you can establish their approximate ages and roles in the herd by their behaviour to each other, the game vehicle and the infants in the group !

Check it out !! Don’t forget to leave your comments and feedback below ! Have you had an sighting with elephants similar to this ?