Cape Town Timescape – a time lapse of the Western Cape

This stunning Cape Town Timescape by Vimeo user kevin kok_hwcls is an exceptional piece of work collected over a weeks holiday in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Kevin’s great video features beautiful images of Cape Towns harbour and waterfront activity as well as trip down the Cape and into Table Mountain National park visiting Simon’s Town ( where the train tracks come right up the shoreline ), Cape Point and its lighthouse as well as the Cape of Good Hope itself. The stunning beach shots set amongst the cliffs and blue water at the Cape of Good Hope are of Diaz Beach. Later shots show a visit to the wine lands a short drive north of Cape Town.

A feature of the video throughout is the ocean and coastline. Kevin uses the ships, breaching whales and feeding birds, the tide, a leisurely coastal drive and the Western Capes dramatic sunsets to great effect. There are also some wonderful human shots like the band setting up on the wharf attracting passers by to join in and have a dance !

Check the video out ! Please feel free to comment below ! We always let video owners know we feature their work and we know they love to hear your feedback !

The video finishes with shots of the below picture – a graffiti piece found recently on the side of a building in Cape Town from Spanish artist group Boa Mistura

I doubt there is anyone who travels to Cape Town and doesn’t learn about and feel moved by the country’s historical problems. Equally I think you would find it hard not to feel buoyed by the sentiment and feeling that is found in Cape Town ( and showcased in the below image ) on a daily basis as today’s people collectively strive for a future without the problems of the past.

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