Bongi’s Quest – Educating Children About Rhino Poaching

This last year has been devastating for rhino numbers with poachers killing at least 303 this year alone.

People feel helpless in the fight against poaching – donating to certain causes can help achieve results – but in the long run there is an underlying issue revolving around Chinese perception of rhino horn and its medicinal use.

Many, many people are working hard to educate the eastern world in an effort to stop these horrible killings.

On the ground in the areas where these rhino killings are going on, are some equally important battles taking place, just as vital in the chain to stopping rhino poaching.

Bongi’s Quest – is a childrens educational story designed to educate children about rhino poaching. Day to day, Bongi’s real quest takes place on the ground where rhinos are being killed.

Watch the video to learn more

Chris and Spoon work actively on the ground in Limpopo province, the heart of South African rhino poaching, and across South Africa meeting with schools and children, and educating them about rhino horn and rhino poaching.

Available in many differnt local languages including Zulu and Sutu, and now including Mandarin for Chinese readers, Bongi’s Quest is distributed worldwide but most importantly to African children in regional areas with the ongoing help of corporate and private funding.

It is shocking to hear Chris talking about children telling poachers where rhino’s are for a packet of chips.

All the time getting as close as possible to the paparazzi while getting around to community events in his famous rhino suit, Chris welcomes new members to the “Fun side of saving a species” – how can you not have fun wearing a rhino suit ?

For more information on Bongi’s Quest – how you can help and get involved – visit African Educational Stories and join the Bongi’s Quest Facebook group

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Bongi’s Quest – Making headlines !

Chris from Bongi’s Quest – meeting with school children

Chris and Spoon – Bongi’s Quest

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