Amazing South Africa safari video, Big Cats Initiative and the Cause an Uproar campaign

Amazing footage from Wild 4 Photographic Safaris using the new safari video favourite the GoPro camera.

Coming up on the 15th of July is the new film by award winning documentary makers Dereck and Beverly Joubert, The Unlikely Leopard.

At a prescreening at National Geographic Headquarters, the Joubert’s used the post screening question time to discuss the Big Cats Initiative, set up with National Geographic to fund research to the benefit of the worlds big cats.

The new “Cause an Uproar”, encourages spreading of the message, how to help and how your donations are funding steps taken help save the worlds big cats.

Watch the promotional videos here – the second one features ambassador Betty White !

We love the Betty White video and think she is a great ambassador ! Please use the links to the Cause an Uproar website if you feel like donating – and to find out what other ways you can help !

Need more celebrities to inspire you ?? How about the gang from Ice Age ?