A safari in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve

Everyone knows about the Kruger right ? We also get a lot of people asking about the smaller game reserves like Madikwe and the Pilanesberg Game Reserve.

As with all safari in all parts of Africa or other parts of the world, it isn’t just the animals that make the experience.

Set to an excellent choice of background music, this well put together video called “Into the Bushes” by Vimeo user tabu, covers a game drive in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve.

Stunning scenery, vibrant colours and sunset shots are what makes this a favourite for us !

Located within a 2 1/2 – 3 hour drive from Johannesburg, the Pilanesberg offers an excellent game viewing option within half the distance of the Kruger. A great option for accommodation is the Ivory Tree Lodge

There is huge variety of game seen throughout the drive, although there are no large predators sighted in the footage. The drive does enjoy sightings of large game such as elephant, zebra, rhino, wildebeest and giraffe as well as smaller animals like warthog, monkeys and bird life.

What do you think of the video ? Have you been on a safari in the Pilanesberg ?

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