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The Rainbow Nation – Video documentary from Aaron Dunleavy

This excellent documentary from Vimeo user Aaron Dunleavy is a wonderful series of interviews with 4 South African residents about their individual experiences living in apartheid and the way they feel that has shaped and moulded the vibrant multicultural city that is Cape Town today.

We have featured some great Cape Town videos in the past ( see below links ) – all of which have showcased the stunning diversity of culture that bubbles around Cape Town.

Designer on the Road – Cape Town video | Cape Town Timescape – a time lapse of the Western Cape | Shark Diving and Ziplining at 100 mph – Only in South Africa

Aaron’s video offers an up close and personal insight into 4 South African residents lives and histories. We especially like this video for the access to first hand examples of South Africa’s growing level of optimism for a better future through acceptance for all.

Produced by Aaron Dunleavy | Read more about the video on Aaron’s blog

The video features : –

Kim Bevan – South Africa tourist guide
Noor Ebrahim – District Six Museum founder
Johan Maré – Oude Bank curator
Emma Vandermerwe – SMAC Cape Town curator

UPDATE : The Lancashire Telegraph in the UK has since featured our post and Aaron’s work – read the article here


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Elephants of the Kruger National Park | Video post

This great amateur video from MegaSharkdiver is great short video of a great sighting and interaction with a herd of wild elephant in the Kruger National Park.

From MegaSharkdivers youtube channel “While in Kruger National Park, SA, we had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with this herd of elephants. Just my mom, myself, and our guide. It was incredible to spend that much time with these guys!”

There are a lot of elephants in the this herd – and a lot of posturing, teaching and play going on at the same time.

If you watch the key players in the video you can establish their approximate ages and roles in the herd by their behaviour to each other, the game vehicle and the infants in the group !

Check it out !! Don’t forget to leave your comments and feedback below ! Have you had an sighting with elephants similar to this ?

Designer on the Road – Cape Town video

This fantastic short video by Cagri Cankaya really captures the fun, vibrant feeling of Cape Town.

Obviously a personal video from Cagri, a multi disciplinary art director and illustrator from Istanbul this great video and sound track takes you from Lions Head, on a city tour, around the mountain roads, up and down Table Mountain and to Cape Towns magnificent beaches.

A trip to Boulders and Ouderkraal Beach see’s a run in with a penguin, a night time walk sees a Ferrari on Long St, and Cagri dancing with locals !!

Check out Cagri’s blog

For more Cape Town videos on our blog – check this cool video post Cape Town Timescape – a time lapse of the Western Cape

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Summer safari in South Africa – the wet season looms

The onset of summer in the greater Kruger, Sabi Sands and surrounds means the onset of the stormy season and what can often be torrential rain. Below we feature a few recently captured scenes from the ever changing bush as the wet season swings into action.

Last year the Sand River flooded causing damage to roads and property all over Limpopo province, the Timbavati and the Sabi Sands. See Kruger Park Floods January 2012

Of course rain  is expected during the wet seasonalthough 2012 was a freak year – it does make for some different game viewing. See our follow up post after the flood Kruger Floods produce rare game viewing opportunities

Uploaded only last week is footage of Savanna Lodge guests crossing the Sand River. While not as high as last year, the waters are up enough for guests to almost get their feet wet !

It is a good idea to be back at the lodge before the rain starts at this time of year. Crossing rivers becomes very difficult if they rise quickly !

Eagle Owl check out this great amateur footage of a animal not generally seen, and often overlooked for cats, elephants and other big 5 members. The Eagle Owl, one of, if not as quoted by the guide, the largest of owl species, is a formidable predator in its own right with the capability to bring down small mammals.

Sabi Sands elephant family sightingthis footage admittedly is long, but if you make a cup of tea and sit and watch you will see some wonderful footage of a herd of elephants including young and old alike make their way to a waterhole for a drink and some socialising. Check it out !

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