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Teenage Leopard attacks python in the Kruger Park

Check out this great video of a teenage leopard attacking a python in the Kruger Park near Skukuza. Filmed by the Campbell-Harris family, supplied by Animatedcams

The site of a snake in the Kruger albeit a large one isn’t that unusual. Watch as this scene turns into a very rare sighting as a teenage leopard appears and attacks what would easily be a 3 meter long python in an opportunistic kill attempt.

Although a young animal, the leopards natural predatory instincts are clear for all to see in his approach to the situation and mostly in his powerful body language. After an initial swipe with his powerful claw, he heads back around to face the retreating snake head on. Quick as lightning he feints left, dodging a strike to grab the snake between its powerful jaws.

After a six minute fight ( not featured in the shorter video ) the snake manages to wriggle free of the leopard and take to the water in an attempt to escape !

On returning to the scene 3 hours later, the Campbell-Harris family witnessed the leopard feeding in a tree. They reported the leopard dropping some of its prey to the ground however it was unclear if it was in fact the python !

Check it out ! Leave your thoughts and comments below !

Botswana in Green Season Wildlife in spades

Many people avoid there big trip to Africa in periods which might be easier for them to get away due to the idea that visiting Botswana in the “Green Season” or summer season is not as good or the game not as prolific as the wet season.

The reality is so different ! So we thought we would tell you what the good reasons for travelling to Botswana in the summer season are !

Unbeatable value. This period offers exceptional value and you will get better deals at this time of year than any other. Wilderness Safaris Six Countries Summer Special offer has deals allowing savings of up to 40% off their fly in fly out camps in Botswana as well as Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa.

Amazing sunsets, big sky and starry nights. The summer season offers the clearest skies for those great sunset shots and landscape shots. Short thunderstorms in this period blow over quickly and provide amazing opportunity to capture one of natures most amazing spectacles.

Cute and cuddly babies. Summer is the season most species have their new born. If cute and cuddly animal sightings are what you are after then this is the season for you !

Predator activity. Summer and new born animals does also mean a higher amount of predator activity. Young animals are often easy prey for predators, that’s the bush !

Colours. The bush is at its peak with native flowers coming out in full colour.

Safari in Botswana in summer delivers in spades. The game viewing is excellent and the bush is alive with activity. If it is your first trip to Africa – do not be put off. It is a great time to travel to Africa for the reasons above plus many many more.

If you are planning a return trip to Africa for the second, third or tenth time and haven’t been to the Delta, Kalahari or one of the other great game reserves in Botswana in summer then now is a good time to try it !

To find out what you can expect on safari in Botswana in the summer season – check out this great video from Footsteps in Africa called “Green Season at Xakanaxa Fly Camp”.

Planning a safari to Botswana or South Africa ? Need help in planning, a quote on a lodge stay or want a start to finish itinerary from your capital city in Australia with airfares, transfers safari, the whole lot ?

Contact Africa travel experts Above and Beyond Holidays on 1300 362 166 or email to get in touch with a Africa safari specialist.

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Limpopo Wildlife | By Vimeo user Kolenkit Films

Check out this superbly shot video called Limpopo Wildlife by Vimeo user Kolenkit Films – let us know what you think below !

A lot of focus is put on the smaller animals and wildlife, while the regulars – the Big Five – all feature throughout the video. Some excellent shots of lizard and bird life feature throughout as well some good chase scenes by some female lions !

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Cape Town Timescape – a time lapse of the Western Cape

This stunning Cape Town Timescape by Vimeo user kevin kok_hwcls is an exceptional piece of work collected over a weeks holiday in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Kevin’s great video features beautiful images of Cape Towns harbour and waterfront activity as well as trip down the Cape and into Table Mountain National park visiting Simon’s Town ( where the train tracks come right up the shoreline ), Cape Point and its lighthouse as well as the Cape of Good Hope itself. The stunning beach shots set amongst the cliffs and blue water at the Cape of Good Hope are of Diaz Beach. Later shots show a visit to the wine lands a short drive north of Cape Town.

A feature of the video throughout is the ocean and coastline. Kevin uses the ships, breaching whales and feeding birds, the tide, a leisurely coastal drive and the Western Capes dramatic sunsets to great effect. There are also some wonderful human shots like the band setting up on the wharf attracting passers by to join in and have a dance !

Check the video out ! Please feel free to comment below ! We always let video owners know we feature their work and we know they love to hear your feedback !

The video finishes with shots of the below picture – a graffiti piece found recently on the side of a building in Cape Town from Spanish artist group Boa Mistura

I doubt there is anyone who travels to Cape Town and doesn’t learn about and feel moved by the country’s historical problems. Equally I think you would find it hard not to feel buoyed by the sentiment and feeling that is found in Cape Town ( and showcased in the below image ) on a daily basis as today’s people collectively strive for a future without the problems of the past.

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A closer look at the Wilderness Safaris Six Countries Summer Special

Our last post featured the new Wilderness Safaris Six Countries Summer Special with a short time lapse of a Wilderness Safaris Cessna flight from Maun to the Kalahari.

We talked about the offering that Wilderness brings to your Africa safari experience – and how this great new deal allows combinations of countries throughout the product range under the same deal !

So, now you can really cover a diverse range of countries on Wilderness product under the same deal – from the stark Huab River Valley in Damaraland at Wilderness’ Damaraland Camp in the west to Shumba Camp in the Bashunga Plains in Zambia.

Take a guided walk through a Wilderness Safari’s Premier Camp – Zarafa Camp in the Selinda Reserve, Botswana.

We told you it was luxury – but its not just luxury. Wilderness Safari’s offer unparallelled African experiences.

From the location of their lodges, carried through to every detail in the decor to the food, the guiding and safari experience and of course the team – the people that make your experience on the ground happen.

Is there another outdoor shower you know of that offers a view like that ?

If you are planning a Africa safari from Australia – make sure you include Botswana and get into the Okavango Delta.

To find out more about Wilderness Safaris Six Countries Summer Special, call Australian based Africa travel specialists Above and Beyond Holidays on 1300 362 166 or email