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Mala Mala Game Reserve – Video series ‘It’s all about the Wildlife”

Mala Mala Game Reserve  goes to great lengths to produce publish good quality, relevant content for their websites and social media channels – check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts for daily updates, pics and movies !

Thanks to a big focus on social media, their brand is easily accessible online and has a load of great content available promoting their product – South Africa safari.

Mala Mala teamed up with South African wildlife videographers Aquavision to produce a video series called ” It’s all about the wildlife”

Check out some of the videos from the series below !

Part 1 of Mala Mala Game Reserve ‘It’s all about the Wildlife” is mostly day time footage – featuring all the usual suspects including the big cats and many of the Sabi Sands big mammals including elephant and buffalo.

Part 2 pays homage to the many and varied smaller animals in the bush – the ones that unless you pay attention you won’t even know are there. “Secret Creatures” is a closer look at the Sabi Sands smaller cats, including the spotted serval, the civet and honeybadger as well as the lesser known and very rare pangolin.

Part 3 – “It’s all about the baby wildlife” is about the advent of spring and the abundance of new baby animals of all shapes and sizes !

Still not convinced there are enough animals to see ? Maybe birdlife is more your thing ? Well there is a video for that too ! Check out the Mala Mala birdlife video !

So once you have seen a lion, you have seen a lion right ? Well not exactly – there are hundreds of daily scenarios that animals can find themselves in – much like your everyday human life.

Just as some of us become different beasts after dark – animals change their behaviour enourmously too ! Check out the latest movie, just released, “Creatures Of The Night at Mala Mala”

Mala Mala has the largest single tract of land in the Sabi Sands and shares a 19 km unfenced border with the Kruger National Park. Founded in 1927 Mala Mala is the largest private Big Five game reserve in South Africa comprising 33,000 acres.

Today Mala Mala operates with 3 different camps – Mala Mala Main Camp, Sable Camp and Rattray’s on Mala Mala. Each camp while unique is offers a true Mala Mala authentic safari experience – an experience first pioneered when safari was simple – traditional camps, sweeping plains, the stunning star lit night sky and the African bush in all its glory.

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Amazing South Africa safari video, Big Cats Initiative and the Cause an Uproar campaign

Amazing footage from Wild 4 Photographic Safaris using the new safari video favourite the GoPro camera.

Coming up on the 15th of July is the new film by award winning documentary makers Dereck and Beverly Joubert, The Unlikely Leopard.

At a prescreening at National Geographic Headquarters, the Joubert’s used the post screening question time to discuss the Big Cats Initiative, set up with National Geographic to fund research to the benefit of the worlds big cats.

The new “Cause an Uproar”, encourages spreading of the message, how to help and how your donations are funding steps taken help save the worlds big cats.

Watch the promotional videos here – the second one features ambassador Betty White !

We love the Betty White video and think she is a great ambassador ! Please use the links to the Cause an Uproar website if you feel like donating – and to find out what other ways you can help !

Need more celebrities to inspire you ?? How about the gang from Ice Age ?

July 2012 Feature Game Lodge : Makalali Private Game Lodge

July 2012 : This months featured game lodge is Makalali Private Game Lodge.

One of the best value game lodges in our South Africa holidays program, Makalali Private Game Lodge offers a fantastic safari experience on an enormous private reserve, friendly, personal service, wrapped up with excellent food and accommodation. Located at the foothills of the Drakensberg mountain range, this ethnic bush retreat lies in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

Your stay at Makalali

Your stay at Makalali is at one of the four lodges the Makhutswi River located in each corner of the reserve. Each lodge is the same in layout and facilities. Guests are accommodated in large well appointed clay chalets. Each chalet has a large balcony and sala to relax and enjoy the sounds of the bush – a large bedroom with fireplace for winter and air conditioning for summer. The chalets enjoy spacious open aired outdoor showers and well appointed internal bathrooms with a large bath to unwind in after a long days safari.

Watch the iphone video walk through of a room at Makalali – thanks to Jon @ Above and Beyond Holidays

Safari at Makalali

Morning and evening game drives are the focus of your activities at Makalali – in summer, you are up at 5:30 for a 6:00 AM departure from the lodge. Winter gives you an extra 30 minutes for a 6:30 departure – with hot tea and coffee waiting for your departure.

Midway through your morning drive you stop for hot tea and coffee and muffins, before finishing your morning game drive and heading back to the lodge for a hearty full breakfast. The day is yours to enjoy the sounds of the bush, the pool and facilities at the Makalali Lodges including the library, or relax in the sun and enjoy the midday heat.

Your evening game drive starts at 5:30 in winter and 6:00 in summer. Sundowner drinks in the bush as the sun goes down breaks up your evening game drive, before you head back to the lodge to enjoy a lodge or boma dinner.

Makalali has all the “Big Five” – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo as well as cheetah, giraffe, zebra and kudu to name just a few.

Dining at Makalali

Dining at Makalali is a combination of regional African cuisine using traditional cooking styles as well as western and european meals. Fresh juices, bread and cheeses are a feature of the continental breakfast, and a full hot breakfast is served for those wanting more. Lunch is as simple or as hearty as you like. Seasonal ingredients make fresh soups, which accompany salads, cold meats, fresh breads and of course a choice of soft and hard cheeses.

Evening meals at Makalali vary location. Guests can enjoy a dinner in the bush on a rocky outcrop or at around the camp boma under the stars. The open aired indoor-outdoor dining at our main lodges are set up for more formal plated meals for guests to eat individually or all together in a more casual relaxed fashion. Makalali will set up a private sala dinner at your chalet for guests looking for a more romantic, private setting.

All pictures supplied thanks to Jon @ Above and Beyond Holidays

Safari packages to Makalali

Featured in our Beach and Safari package, this package includes Air Mauritius airfares from Australia, a stopover at a resort in Mauritius, meals, transfers, overnights in Johannesburg and internal flights as specified.

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Winter Safari in South Africa

June, July, August – mid winter in South Africa means cold frosty mornings but a rush for the sun as it rises with animals looking to find warmth in the morning rays.

Monkeys are usually the first up heralding in the day with their calls through the tree tops. Large crocodile sightings are especially good in the mornings as these large animals move around to get the best spot to bask in.

A dry winter means wild grass lands are not as thick as wetter months meaning sightings of smaller spotted cat, the serval and African civet.

These sorts of sightings are extremely rare, with thicker scrub and bush it is almost impossible to see these amazing animals.

Watch these great video’s of two wonderful sightings : one of a serval at Mala Mala Game Reserve and a civet, shot on the Ingwelala Private Shareblock Reserve by Youtube user MrAljordan21

Lion Tales from Savanna Private Game Reserve

” The Ximungwe pride have also provided us with many great sightings, as they have spent most of the past two weeks camped on Savanna property to avoid the Selati males. On one occasion they had just finished a young buffalo kill and went in search of water, only to find that the rest of the buffalo herd was lingering around the waterhole.

The lions approached cautiously, but were spotted by the herd that then rallied together and drove them off, except for the young female cub that boldly stood her ground and actually chased the herd. The herd then realised that it was only the cub and they in turn gave chase “

Watch the video below ! Check out more videos from Savanna Private Game Reserve on their Youtube Channel

Leopard sighting has also been excellent – the lack of thick grass means sightings of cats moving about is a bit more common.

Check out some of the great safari pics from Savanna Private Game Reserve | All Photographs here have been taken by Savanna Lodge guides and rangers Paddy Hagelthorn, Neil Whyte, David Wilson and Greg Coates – the links take you to their private blogs – check them out !

We love your comments, feedback and questions ! If you haven’t been on safari and want to know more, ask us below ! If you have and have your own great pics and footage to share, please share it with us !

Check out this great footage of a small aircraft flight to visit Wilderness Safari’s Abu Camp in the Okavango Delta – filmed by Jon and Matt from our team on their recent trip to Botswana

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